About | Plainspoke


Plainspoke is a Denver-based artist making conscious hip-hop about the people, places and experiences of his day-to-day life.

Since 2011, he has consistently released mixtapes, albums, and compilations. Plainspoke has collaborated with other artists locally and internationally, contributing lyrics and instrumental production.

With roots in poetry, an open-minded attitude, and a drive to always be doing more (and doing better), his style has been described as Atmosphere meets Aesop Rock, yet not yielding quite what you’d expect.

Weaving stories into sounds, Plainspoke combines insightful lyricism, a keen observer’s eye for detail, an ear for illustrative instrumentals, and a nonchalant confidence in delivery that yields music that makes you feel something.

Plainspoke is currently working on his first full-length studio album, titled Observation Notes, to be released in May 2019.