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Around the Bend

Around the Bend
  1. I'm an Ocean - 2:47
  2. Robot - 3:24
  3. Cages - 2:57
  4. Nightmares - 1:01
  5. Uh Oh - 2:16
  6. Keep Growing Up - 2:41
  7. Here and Then - 1:59
  8. Sleeping Giant - 2:16
  9. Silver Lining - 3:40
  10. The Wild (Bonus Track) - 04:04

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I’m an Ocean

I’m out of breath 
climbing up and down the stairs that I step 
walking around in circles, talking to pretty girls on the internet 
the world’s spinning, closer to the sun than it was before it finished 
I think I’m done, but torn at forgiveness and giving it my best 
I’m born of a different thread, made of less material with more to stretch 
Ethereal—a lightness and delicate rightness 
a delegate to my ship in the whiteness of ice flows and islands 
I divide my time between this and that and combine them 

Discombobulate the populace, the spineless swine that you find when you copy this 
Everything is only just inside your head, but you stop it with 
the time that you spend inside the shit, where everyone is dead 
and diamonds don’t exist, all the wonders are things you climb up to get 
all the good books have been read and writ, the dives serve the best guts and bits 
I find the earth destroyed by the tiny words of little boys dressed as gentlemen 
the suits are facades, covering up the stench of them 

I know my place but I refuse to name it 
for fear of it becoming no more safe than the name that I take when 
everything’s dissolved into the pavement 
blue skies are shaming us with our windowless halls 
and obsession with the famous, drifting through malls 
spending our change on vending machine staples 
made in packages of plastic with warning labels 
I believe the fables, all the gable-roofed houses, with 2.8 children and a dog 
nothing about them ever set off an alarm, no one shouting for their mom 
the clouds been off and on, I’m all about them but their gone 
moving out west, but I still can’t move past the rest of my life 
and into the next set of perpetually bad advice 
I bite down, cut up my lips, making the right sound, 
of the way the pain makes everything around you better than this 
I rip away my chains, and drown too, becoming obsolete 
a body in a body, two objects, meaning nothing to me 
I had a hobby, wanting to make a life out of ABC’s 
but there’s nothing about me, that’s particularly spectacular


I’m too serious, never smile, my lips are cracked from the cold and bitten while 
I’m pacing to make space for minutes replacing minutes, every day, 
superimposing limits on limits 
I say the same things, like welcome to the club, 
and spend my days tasting a life without love 
I feign happiness, rather than having it, 
hope for better things, but never savage it 
The letter brings good news, but I will never open it 
for fear of being bad, catastrophe is closing in 
searing the pan, coated in my dearest man 
I’ve chosen this 

In here I stand, my clothes are dipped 
in wax, preparations have all been zipped 
I can quit the act, revolving doors close on the equipment that’s 
normal, tired of the rats, in the corn hole, looking for the ass 
and born whole, my skin is a patch covering up the birth defects
on the inside I’m a circuit that doesn’t connect 
out here you can assemble me in k-nex 
in there you can find me and put in a support request 
I can fix myself, I’m qualified to do my best 
But when I mix the gels, sometimes I feel like it’s less 
The kitchen’s 12 feet from the bed 
It’s 2am, I’m awake, and looking to be fed 
But I am safe, alone in my cage, twiddling my thumbs even though they’re not full-gauge 

turn the page in the sketch-pad 
working on a new regret and digging my debt in 
deeper, like the hole in my dentin 
I fear sleepers are all around us, pod-people 
not a sound is made, perhaps god is evil and we’re all his slaves
the sod feels much like a grave, soft and odd equal 
I talk in my dreams of electric sheep 
Seams are riveted, or so it seems 
we’re legitimate, just no one believes in this innocence 
no one can see that we’re different 
creatures of machines with intellect 

tired of this divide 
we go back to the future 
with the doctor who’s on our side 
yo, he’ll school you with double hockey sticks 
and compromises, nothing ’bout politics 
and common sizes of college dicks 
I close my eyelids, hoping to daydream 
but inside is my lid, reaffirming I am a machine 
it leaves me crying, tears of silver gleam 

I am a machine, made of metal 
I am a man, made of flesh 
and I know no level


If you wait too long, everything smells like shit 
And the bars of our cages dissolve but still exist 
We turn the pages of our books, look at the blank text 
Took our time getting here, fear of putting back regrets 
No greener grass on the other side of the fence 
I’m a fiend of cash, in the sense of the things I resent 
Connect me to that, I have no defense 
The meat is bad but I will eat it since 
no great effort was ever achieved with equivalence 
I always say that never-said is better than insignificant 
But my flaw reveals itself, and the road it never quits 
even after I peter out on top of the clouds 
on the ground lies the means to an end 
that doesn’t exist in my frown 
in it lies the key to the smile I insist can wait awhile 
before it’s unveiled to the public 
But by the time I’m out, I’m day old bread, nothing to fuck with 
Talk of the town is somebody’s dead, but I’m off the hook 
Out of my mind and trapped in bed, nobody took a second look
In my head, thoughts are swirling 
I was the man with all the answers, now my cause is turning 
into Faust and cancer of the heart, corporeal’s something to stand for, even if you can’t feel the hand 
pulling you apart 

I’ve got my blinders on while they run with this 
But I am gone, beneath the underground is a tunnel ‘sys 
Funnels in the sewage and water, not just shit but other fluids 
Concrete guards up against the shards of human flesh 
moving through it, 
I block my chest, knowing my blood’s turning a darker hue as 
I ingest that which is true and I reject the world you say is black and blue 
But I come back up for air every once in a while 
and find myself again, a human being living life by the sundial 
that you and me are no more foreigners than other people also born on planet earth 
We burn just the same in sunshine and acid rain 
Try to find a better name 
But I can’t compare to the one that’s mine 
It’s only fair to give full disclosure 
I’m out there and in here’s just a folder

Keep Growing Up

I lay in bed 
trying to describe the way I said it 
Lying through my teeth, but I don’t regret it 
It’s time to see the world for what it be 
But I’m just a baby, stumbling over my a-b-c’s 
And maybe, someday I’ll be able to reach 
that high shelf, when I can really speak 
for myself, until then I’ll find help 
working out my mind, disabling my blinders 
opening up to some new kind of rhyme words 
Able enough to stand on one foot 
and hobble my way up to having done good 
I would if I could but 
I don’t make compromises 
I just take all of it and weigh the different sizes 
Fall a bit, find my way disguises the walls as quit 
So I climb over the eyelids, finding patterns in the blind bliss 
While I dive in, the time slips, and days and weeks 
become waiting patiently for a fading vacancy 
I aim to please but end up hating these 

I measure myself up to others 
pull it down, pull it down 
I need this to keep growing 
keep growing up 
pull it down, pull it down 
I need this to keep growing 
keep growing up 
growing up 

on a bench, sitting on a corner 
step into traffic and give up my life for lent 
nothing out of order 
I’m not catholic or christian, jewish or buddhist 
islam ain’t my business, but all religion, I boot it 
tuning my soul to the right frequency, I can fail and win 
back on the train again, after I fell off the road that came and went 
I was thorow for a bit then raymond with his shaving kit 
taking all the music, looking for that fabled kiss 
and losing pace with all the kids that label this 
as gay, but it doesn’t phase me 
’cause every dozen tracks, I come up with one that’s sort of okay 
it gets the plays, lately 
and for that, I keep going, moving forward and back 
hoping that this rhyme I write 
won’t be my last 

I measure myself up to others 
pull it down, pull it down 
I need this to keep growing 
keep growing up 
pull it down, pull it down 
I need this to keep growing 
keep growing up 
growing up

Here and Then

I learned my lesson 
but I didn’t teach it 
now i’m digressing 
living my life in secret 
a thousand messages 
to people i’ve never been seen with 
only vestiges 
of lives i’ve dreamed to lead bits 
i right my wrongs with double negatives 
and move along, dragging my feet across the line 
that’s been redrawn 
and I pace myself in every song 
as long as the strings of fate 
hold me in this simple place 
or pull me to a different state 
I can wait but I’ll be the last to leave 
last to clear my plate 
of all the fallen splintered leaves 
I stake my claim 
but winter needs 
more than I have to give 
I flee to repeat 
but forget to live 

you think it’s so long 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 

don’t mind me 
I’m just wiping my eyes 
looking for relationships 
that seem to come in short supply 
like vacant ships 
docked at shore for all their life 
so they can sit 
and think about what they didn’t do right 
or get whipped like slaves 
that did what they wanted 
no matter what their master said 
day or night, I just don’t want it 
put that mast to bed 
wind moving west past my head 
it’s land from here on and 
pouring out my chest 
not just blood but pure bonds 
I wish myself the best 

you think it’s so long 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 
five weeks 
here and then it’s gone 
here and then it’s gone

Silver Lining

I feign my emotions, I hide them 
a smile keeps ’em steady for awhile 
but the coals get compressed into diamonds 
they’re scooped up 
I cry ’cause 
I’m moved by the blue stuff 
that flows and ebbs 
moving into and out of my chests 
closing, tighter and tighter 
must look left, look right 
or everything is farther 
the days melt into nights 
I’m looking like my father, a statue 
molded to attack you 
from inside its cage,  
locked away, but there’s no safety 
the only escape is in a razor blade, 
that will always wait for me
our names are echoes of our former selves 
that never let go, but hold onto the past on every shelf 
I pass another window, it’s closed like the last 
but this one has a dim glow, a sign behind the glass 
They need help; I wonder what with though 
Should I enter, or think about it, a question never too simple 
The thinning out of symbols 
No more music, just the clash of cymbals 
My muse is a true story wrapped in lies 
Because they sparkle best 
Just like the eyes 
Remember me before I forget 
Why I 

I sit 
In a haystack of needles, looking for the silver lining 
where no one has been to feel 
but you can’t deny me 
that one thing must be real 
I just want to find it X2 

I knock down the doors looking for the porch 
sitting looking at people, smile laugh, it’s winter 
snow should be lovely but it’s ugly, reflecting inward 
at the dust that doesn’t touch me, the frozen cinders 
rescinding one me and all of the money 
it’s funny how 
the ride swings back and forth 
like a pendulum if you know what that is for 
my life is ending 
but not the stack of chores 
it’s periods of dissenting 
that chose to crack the doors 
Look for the light just outside the entrance 
I can’t find it, ’cause my eyes is broken 
no lending, 
but the lies have been spoken 
my wounds can’t be mended 
I can’t swim or float no more 
succumb to the feeling of drowning 
the burning in my throat 
the lungs full of sound 
or sinking thoughts 
I drink it down but 
never think of the cost 
I’m poor 
wouldn’t say I’m lost 
just stuck at a cross roads 
I don’t know though 
I’m at a loss so 

I sit 
In a haystack of needles, looking for the silver lining 
where no one has been to feel 
but you can’t deny me 
that one thing must be real 
I just want to find it X4

The Wild

The grain of the paper saves me, moves me to take for
granted, all the things I’m losing
the sand that sits just before the precipice, just before the hand that takes the rest of it
dipping into the savings lest I put an end to it, this raving madness
taking my hand, it’s in control of my ship, my man, my will, and what I am
not who – for no one has an identity until no more are they equivalent to their entity
they’re born a centipede, morph into a butterfly, torn to shreds by a child with another fly, left forlorn to die

In the wild – there’s no team, no I. Just survive.
It’s just you and why?

Next comes the lesson, the story, the plot, the climax, the allegory, that crime’s bad, that strangers are strange, but never mind that – I’m stranger than strange. Never mind that, you didn’t catch my drift, my stream of consciousness, my dreams insist I will never subsist on my own, that I will never be something I do not know. That I am my father’s son, my grandfather’s grandson, and we have the same name, so that makes us one and unable to change, forever to succumb to the same fate, never having won.

So I race time, but it surpasses me. And I chase space, but it encapsules me. And I take days to get up after they call my ways blasphemy, but I get up, and I tell ’em they got my back for me. But they plead, take it back for me. But I see they don’t know me actually. And I need to put this past of me, but I refer to my past as it’s happening.

In the wild – there’s no team, no I. Just survive.
It’s just you and why?

Now a ticket, now a dollar, now a four-leaf-clover and a nickel becomes a collar, makes you fickle, makes you holler, makes you sick of the shit you call her. Sick of the shit you all ‘er, now you drink ’till you feel the fall earth. Now you sink ’till the future’s taller, in present tense. Everybody’s been friends with ‘bens. Talking about depends and diapers, worried whose gonna die first, now they hear the guy’s heard his life words, like he’s gonna reform and he might serve. His life might serve a purpose, might not be worthless, or worth this dirt, he’s heard he’s heard this. So scurred and nervous.

In the wild – there’s no team, no I. Just survive.
It’s just you and why?

In the wild – there’s no team, no I. Just survive.
It’s just you and why?